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Puerto Vallarta is an incredible destination that you can quickly get to know by getting a Car Rental Puerto Vallarta service in the city.

With Car Rental Guru, you will be able to find different brands where you can find the easiest and practical way to rent a car.

In Puerto Vallarta, you will be able to visit beaches, night clubs, visit restaurants, and taste the typical delicious food of the city, an experience that you will not want to miss.

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Tips for Renting a Car in Puerto Vallarta

Make the most of your trip to the city by booking your Puerto Vallarta car rentals with these tips. 

It is usually not easy to move around downtown or in the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta. Also, many of the city's attractions are only accessible by car when you travel.

You can also get public transport that will take you from one place to another in the city. However, these services have access only to limited areas of the city, so you should know that it is necessary to rent a car to move from one place to another.

Upon your arrival in Puerto Vallarta, you will be able to find the easiest way to get around by car to your destinations. If you have made your reservation in advance, you won't have to worry about it. Otherwise, it's better to quote online before booking at the downtown agencies, which can charge up to 25% more than what you would be paying if you booked before your travel.

Traffic in the city is a common issue, so we recommend that you stay calm and respect traffic signs. You should also respect the space between your car and other drivers to avoid accidents and so on. (Especially in such busy places as Francisco Medina Ascencio and Playa Los Muertos).

If you're in town, you'll probably want to discover the nearest gas stations; for this, you can use a mobile mapping application to help you find them easily, or, if you prefer, you can ask for the nearest gas station. The people in Puerto Vallarta are usually so friendly that they'll help you get where you need to go without hesitation.

Remember also that the signs are in Spanish, so we recommend that you take a dictionary or translator with you, this way it will be much easier for you to familiarize yourself with the signs and markings in the city.

In general, to rent a car, the requirements are to have a credit card, be of legal age and be old enough to drive around the city (21 years), from then on you only have to worry about enjoying your travel.


Car Rental Puerto Vallarta


How much does it cost to rent a car in Puerto Vallarta?

Renting a car in Puerto Vallarta is quite affordable, with Car Rental Guru you can search & find vehicles from $0 USD.

The price of renting a car can vary depending on which car you want and the additional ones you want to add to your rental car, such as comprehensive insurance, full coverage insurance, baby seats, among others.


Which is the cheapest Car Rental Puerto Vallarta agency?

There are many cheap car rentals in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. However, Firefly is the cheapest car rental in Puerto Vallarta with rentals starting at $0 USD (restrictions apply).


Which is the Best Car Rental Puerto Vallarta agency?

So far, we have a very well known brand in Puerto Vallarta for offering exceptional service. City Car Rental, the best-qualified Puerto Vallarta Car Rentals agencies.


Where else can I get car rentals in Puerto Vallarta?

When you arrive at the terminal, you will surely find an endless number of car rental agencies in Puerto Vallarta, that is why we have created the following list so that you can choose from the best and most reliable car rental Puerto Vallarta agencies.

City Car Rental







How can I get a Puerto Vallarta Car Rental near me?

You can use applications such as Google Maps, which will allow you to Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta near you. This also works if you want to make your reservation remotely where you can find the addresses and information needed to contact the car rental company you want.


What is the most frequent point to Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta?

Usually, the most frequent meeting and rental point in Puerto Vallarta is the hotel zone and the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, although if you book your car rental service online we assure you that you will have cheap car rentals Puerto Vallarta.


What type of car should I get to drive in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta, it is advisable to rent an automatic car; this is if you are not used to Mexico's roads and transit system. After a few days of driving, you will probably get used to it. However, it would help if you took precautions.


What are the speed limits in Puerto Vallarta?

In general, speed limits in the city of Puerto Vallarta are 40 to 50 km/h. You need to be careful when driving a car in Puerto Vallarta if you are used to speeding limit signs in Miles since in Mexico speed signs are in Kilometers per hour, and many of the vehicles also set their speed this way.


How much is the gasoline price in Puerto Vallarta?

The price of gasoline in Puerto Vallarta varies from $20.00 to $21.90 MXN in Magna gasoline and $21.44 to $21.80 MXN in Premium gas.

You must bring pesos to the gas stations, as many of them do not accept dollars.


Where can I find parking in Puerto Vallarta?

Generally, it is easy to park in the city, especially if you choose a compact vehicle. if you don't like public parking lots you can also find a paid private parking near your location (generally, all malls have this type of parking).

No matter where you go within Puerto Vallarta, you will easily find parking spaces near the place you are going to.


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