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Tips for car rentals in Los Cabos

The option of renting a car in Los Cabos is undoubtedly the best way to get to know this amazing place, as well as all the beaches and attractions that are around it, something that will make your trip the best of them all.

You will be able to find stunning attractions like the Arch of Cabo San Lucas or enjoy the beautiful sea of cortez, places that will be worth visiting with your car rental with the main agencies like Hertz, Dollar and Firefly.

You can find traffic in the city at 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, this becomes much more recurrent in spring and summer seasons; so it is very important to know when there will be more traffic to try avoiding the main avenues and save time to get to your destination, also, on weekends outside the city it' s common to find traffic at 5:00 pm onwards.

FAQ'S about car rentals in Los Cabos

How much does it cost to rent a car in Los Cabos?

With Car Rental Guru, you will find the best prices in the market, and you can enjoy the best car rental in Los Cabos experience from $0/Day.


Which is the best agency for renting a car in Los Cabos?

A lot of travelers prefer Firefly, Hertz or Dollar because of their low prices and excellent car models to drive both in town and on the road.


Where is the place to find Cheap car rentals in Los Cabos?

Most visitors who come to this city prefer to hire a car in Los Cabos with Firefly because of its low prices, excellent vehicles, and great service.


How much does it cost to rent an economy car in Los Cabos?

The price may depend on the company you hire the service with; however, the average is around $0.5 per day.


Where is the most popular place for a car rental in Los Cabos?

Without a doubt, it is Firefly.


What is the long term price for hiring a car in Los Cabos?

If you plan to stay more than a month in the city, you should take into consideration that the average car rentals can range from $15 (about $0.5 per day).


What is the speed limit for driving in Los Cabos?

The most recommended speed limit for driving is 60 km/h; however, you should consider that there are urban areas where the limit can go down, so you should always pay attention to the signs.

In the urban highways, a speed limit can go from 60-80 km/h, while in rural areas, it increases to 70-90 km/h, and the main roads are allowed to increase to 110 km/h.


Where are the best places to park in Los Cabos?

Parking on the street is a viable option as long as the sidewalk is white, in case it is red you will have to find another spot.


What Airport can I find near?

Cabo San Lucas International Airport

IATA code: none


Los Cabos International Airport

Código IATA: SJD


Código DGAC: SJD


What cars are the most popular ones in Los Cabos?

Pickup trucks, luxury cars, SUVs, convertibles, among many others, being such a significant tourist destination, you will find a wide variety of vehicles at your disposal.


What is the best car rental company in Los Cabos?

The best option to make a car rental Cabo San Lucas is undoubtedly Hertz, cars which you can access with incredible prices thanks to Car Rental Guru.


How can I find cheap car rentals in Los Cabos?

You can see the best options at the top of this page, where you will find the locations of the best companies for hiring a car in Los Cabos.


How much does it cost to rent an intermediate car in Los Cabos?

On average, a car rental of an intermediate car for a week can range from $3.5 per week (about $0.5 per day).


What are the gasoline prices in Los Cabos?

Gasoline prices average MXN 63.53 ($3.14) per gallon. Prices can be as low as MXN 56.78 ($2.80) per gallon and as high as MXN 71.92 ($3.55) per gallon.